Migration from CodePlex

Apr 2 at 4:25 PM
Edited Jun 4 at 5:00 PM

A new voyage

Hello fellow developers,
in October I will migrate No Amiga - the Talking Python Bot away from CodePlex.
This was imposed by Microsoft on 03/31/2017 to all projects of CodePlex.

My personal opinion is available HERE.

The project will continue

Stay calm: until October we will be able to push new commits on this repository.
In October this repository of No Amiga will remain online but nobody will be able to push new changes.
To further develop No Amiga we must change hosting.
The project will continue and will remain open-source and free.

What we must do

Until the 1st of October you (both devs and users) can vote to decide the new platform to host this project.
The new platform must be specific for FOSS and free to use for everyone.

In case of no decision I will host the project on my personal website (read-only) and on GNU Savannah (read-write, if approved).