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The purpose

No Amiga is a modern and easy-to-use deterministic bot, made to answer infinite questions with defined sets of answers.
It works not only with questions but also with full phrases and exclamations and never lets you down, even in case of abnormal inputs.

No Amiga also features a debug mode to find configuration errors and a "dumb" mode that just talks (without trying to interpret the interlocutor) , in case you only need a voice to have fun with your friends or for when you are ill and cannot talk!

No Amiga - Talking Python 3 bot - LOGO

 How it works

The software will guide you in every step, however these are quick suggestions in how to start.

Intelligent mode

The user only needs to compile a list of possible answers in their preferred tongue and start the bot.
Just write your phrase in the terminal and press ENTER: a (possibly good) answer will appear. ;-)

You will hear both your phrase and the answer, with different voices.

Dumb mode

From the Intelligent Mode, write " NO IA " and press ENTER. The bot will enter the Dumb Mode and simply repeat what you say with an electronic voice.

No Amiga - Talking Python 3 bot - LOGO


Visit the this section to read the full documentation; it contains instructions for both developers and end users.

No Amiga - Talking Python 3 bot - LOGO


This is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) project: you are free to enhance the code on this repository and fork the code as long as you respect the license.

Use GNU GIT to download a fresh copy of the repository, make your modifications and push a new commit. Keep the code structured and clean, write an explicative commit message in English, collaborate with the others.

Suggestion: open a new topic in the Discussions before implementing a feature. If you can't fix a bug, report it in the Issues section.

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